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How can i get more Energy?


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  • Laiane Reis

    Please, explain to me where and how I can obtain, achieve, or buy those big and colorful hairs in the Fashion Cup game? I consider these hairs beautiful and really want to get them, but they are not sold in any store. I'm already Class A+, all the stores are unlocked for me, and none of them sell these hairs! I've already opened all the pink, silver, gold, and rainbow chests and none of them came with these hairs! I've completed the daily missions and won a purple chest, but it didn't appear for me to open the purple chest!!! Are these big hairs inside the purple chest? Please, give them to me!!!! Fix the game bug because I can't win and open the purple chests!!!

    SUMMARY: Where can I get those big hairs?

    Thank you for your attention and support.
    From a Fashion Cup fan.


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