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  • I'm not sure if my purchase has been added to my game or not

    No need to worry, we can help you with this issue. Here are the steps you should follow:- Close your game and reopen it, and then check your in game currency balance. Chances are there has been a d...

  • How to mute sound and/or music

    Open the in game Settings menu and tap the sound button to mute sound, which is shown with a "speaker" icon.Tap the music button to mute music, which is shown with a "music note" icon.

  • How to stop receiving notifications

    Open the in game Settings menu and tap the notifications button, which is shown with a "bell" icon. Tap again to start receiving notifications again.

  • What does the Merchant do?

    The Merchant is there to do business with you! If you give him the products he needs for his orders, he will reward you with Coins, Experience Points and sometimes Energy!After completing a certain...

  • Why can't I buy more animals or garden beds

    Animals and garden beds can be bought as many as the current limit indicates. You can keep track of the limit by clicking on the chicken coop, goat shed or the farm clutter where you can buy garden...

  • Why do my farm animals turn into crates

    After farm animals produce a certain amount of products, they "expire" and turn into crates. These crates can be tapped on to receive various fish feed (elderberries, shells..). The fish feed can b...

  • How to get more fish feed and more nuts

    Bugs, elderberries, shells (a.k.a fish feed) are needed to feed and catch the fish at the Fishing Cabin. Nuts and cocoa beans are needed to use on the Peanut Butter Jar. Catching a fish and making ...

  • How to use Explosives

    "Jojo's family's recipe. Really effective." Explosives are used to clear multiple obstacles in an area at the same time. Tap on the explosive and place it where you want it to explode. Ran out of E...

  • How to get more Energy

    Energy is used to clear obstacles on the map. There are several ways to acquire more energy: - Feeding the fish at the Fishing Cabin - Making Peanut Butter at the Peanut Butter Jar - Completing ord...

  • How can I play my game on a different device

    If you want to play the game on a different device than your current one, you will need to connect to the game with your personal account using one of the options: Google Play for android devices, ...