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  • How do I open the chests that are washed ashore?

    Sometimes you may see chests that are washed ashore on the Home area. You can acquire the keys needed to open these chests by completing Tavern orders. The big rewards that you get as you complete ...

  • How to get more Energy

    Energy is used to clear obstacles on the map. There are several ways to acquire more energy: - Feeding the fish at the Fishing Cabin- Completing orders at the Tavern- Claiming the energy gift at th...

  • I can see a half transparent object but I can't reach it

    Objects or obstacles that are half transparent are barely visible to the characters. If you can see an object and it's half transparent, it means more obstacles need to be removed before the charac...

  • How do I plant flowers and produce honey?

    Welcome to the sweet world of beekeeping! This article will explain everything about planting flowers, producing bee feed, buying bees and producing honey.In order to start your beekeeping journey,...

  • Where do I use coins and how can I earn more of them?

    Coins are an important source when rebuilding your town and for farming. Coins are needed for: - Buying blueprints when restoring a building - Planting crops - Buying animalsThere are many ways in ...

  • How can I obtain Roof Tiles, Metal Rods, Marbles and Birchwood

    Roof Tiles, Metal Rods, Marbles and Birchwood can only be obtained via trade on the Cargo Port. First things first, you need to restore the Cargo Port and buy a Cargo Ship. You bought one? Hurray, ...

  • I want a refund

    In order to receive a refund, please contact Google Play or App Store and state you wish to receive a refund.

  • I'm not sure if my purchase has been added to my game or not

    No need to worry, we can help you with this issue. Here are the steps you should follow:- Close your game and reopen it, and then check your in game currency balance. Chances are there has been a d...

  • How can I play my game on a different device

    If you want to play the game on a different device than your current one, you will need to connect to the game with your personal account using one of the options: Google Play for android devices, ...

  • How to switch languages

    Open the in game Settings menu and tap the language button, which is shown with a "globe" icon. Select your language of choice. If your preferred lanuage is not there, don't worry. We're currently ...